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In 1991, Glen Seemann created a now nearly forgotten RPG Video Game Named "Shadow Keep". While growing up, I played Shadow Keep on an old Macintosh Computer for countless hours, exploring the kingdom, fighting Monsters, drinking Potions, finding Magic Relics. When I think back, Shadow Keep was mostly responsible for molding me into the Gamer and Computer Geek I am today. Something that I am very proud of.

Today nearly 25 years later, to celebrate the positive influence Shadow Keep has had on my Life, Myself and a small team of likeminded individuals are going to Recreate Shadow Keep With Modern Tools for a Modern Audience.

We at Retribution Studios have started the process to bring back a game, which for myself and perhaps others, has been instrumental is in our lives. The original 1991 Shadow Keep will always have a special place in history (especially in mine) but soon a new 2017 experience will be enjoyed by others.

Christian Drage, Founder
Retribution Studios

Original 1991 Shadow Keep Screenshots

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